Xiescive - 'Nexus'

Xiescive - 'nexus'


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Xiescive, pronounced (ex-zy-sive), is a solo project formed by Trevor Weeks previously known in the music world as Xon. Before creating Xiescive, Trevor was part of the duo called Symbiont. Between his previous solo work as Boundless and his work with Symboint, he collaborated and remixed with some of the top names in the industrial industry, including Funker Vogt, Seabound, Imperative Reaction, Panzer AG, Assemblage 23 and Arzt+Pfusch.

Nexus mixes the harshness of industrial will all of the energy you’d expect from EBM, but come to love about dark electro. Imagine Suicide Commando, Hocico, Agonoize, Grendel and the like. The songs are dark and energetic with manic electronic programming, blasting beats, haunting melodies and pissed off distorted vocals that enrage.

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